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Celebrant ceremonies are something still fairly new to the United States and definitely in the Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding MidSouth and North Mississippi area.

The celebrant concept began about 15 years ago in Australia and New Zealand.  Celebrant services are now becoming popular across the United States as well as in England and other countries, as an a beautiful, meaningful, heart-centered and inclusive way to personalize ceremonies.

In our fast paced world, we often began to feel there is little time to pause, to connect with each other face to face, to honor, remember and to CELEBRATE the most important milestones in our lives!

Making the conscious effort to take the time to mark, honor and celebrate those important times (both large and small) in our individual, family and community lives is the glue that holds us all together!  For after all, these times are occasions that will never come again and are THE MOST IMPORTANT CORNERSTONES 
of our lives!

To understand more about why ceremony is a basic human need that touches us in such a deep and profound way and how everyone can create more peace for themselves as well as 'a loving pace amid the rush' of daily life - check out the little book, "How To Bury a Goldfish and Other Ceremonies and Celebrations for Everyday Life" by Virginia Lang and Louise Nayer.

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